Fibre Reinforcing Solutions

Fibsol (Fibre Reinforcing Solutions) is a South African based company specialising in alternative concrete reinforcement designs utilizing the latest technology to design cost effective fibre reinforced concrete solutions for a large number of applications.

Steel and Polypropylene fibres conforming to the highest international quality standards (ASTM, EN & ISO) are used as a means of reinforcement as opposed to conventional rebar and welded mesh.

In conjunction with our international partners/suppliers and our own extensive experience gained both locally and internationally we are able to provide cost saving fibre reinforced concrete alternatives to our clients.

We maintain a Quality Management System developed to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 within the organization ensuring we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Why fibre reinforced concrete?

Concrete is widely recognized as a cost-effective, versatile construction material, yet it is also beset with a number of drawbacks that are inherent to its composition. By generally accepted engineering standards, concrete is relatively brittle and lacks flexural strength.


Concrete also has the propensity to crack in both its plastic (early-age) and hardened (long-term) state. Early-age cracks are microscopic fissures caused by the intrinsic stresses created when the concrete settles and shrink over the first 24 hours after being placed. Long-term cracking is in part caused by the shrinkage that transpires over the months or years of drying that follows. In either case, these cracks can jeopardize the overall integrity of the concrete and not allow it to maintain its maximum performance capability.

There are some who still use traditional methods of concrete reinforcement simply because that’s the way things have always been done. Another option is to actively seek technology that will help solve the inherent flaws in concrete and traditional reinforcement.

Our innovative fibre reinforcement solutions offer Engineers and Contractors an efficient and cost-effective alternative to mesh or rebar reinforcement. Fibre reinforcement stands out from other reinforcing products through their ability to make concrete more ductile therefore it offers ultimate flexibility in the design & construction process. Working with fibre reinforcement not only means less steel, but it also eliminates and reduces the labour intensive process of steel fixing. Fibres are added directly to the concrete matrix and evenly distribute throughout. The result is an advanced, multi-dimensional reinforcement system that can be placed quickly, accurately and safely.

Fibsol can provide a solution to all of these problems with our wide range of fibre reinforcing products.

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